Sales of the last 10 units of Jeneč Business Park are evolving at a rapid pace 14/05/2018

Numerous companies found the ideal location for the further expansion of their activities in Jeneč Business Park.

One last unit remaining!

Construction of the last phase 04/07/2017

The start of construction is foreseen on 1st September 2017. Units will be handed over at the end of 2017. Unit sizes will be 149m² / 154m² / 221m² and 228m².

2nd Phase totally sold 28/06/2017

All units were sold to companies such as Natures Care and Special Coffee. 3 units were sold to private investors.

2nd Phase of the project almost entirely sold 02/06/2017

Already 7 units from the second phase of the project were sold. Sales of additional units are currently being completed. The construction of the 3rd and final phase of Jeneč Business Park (Units 6 to 15) will begin in September. These units will be ready to use in December 2017.

Handover of second phase 24/12/2016

Units 21 till 30 were handed over by the building contractor.

Sale of Unit 21 02/09/2016

Svet Dveri is active in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as a wholesaler of doors and floor tiles.
The building will be used for the storage and distribution of Svet Dveri products in the Czech Republic.

Construction of a new phase due to the successful sale of the first phase of the project! 06/06/2016

Construction of a new phase due to the successful sale of the first phase of the project!

Development of Units 21 till 30.

The start of construction is planned on 1st September 2016 with hand over at the end of 2016

Start of occupation of Units 4 & 5 28/03/2016

Both units were sold to the company Fruitisimo Factory s.r.o.

Fruitisimo is a Czech retailer. The company sells fresh juices, fruit shakes, hand-made hillocks ice cream, cakes and very fresh-grand coffee at more than 40 locations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Unit 1 sold 24/03/2016

Demex Flowers bought Unit 1.

Demex Flowers is a Dutch company exporting and distributing flowers from the Netherlands into Germany and the Czech Republic. Unit 1 is used for the temporarily storage of flowers before distribution.

Sale of Unit 3 21/03/2016

Unit 3 was acquired by a private investor. The building is occupied by the company Berendsen.

Berendsen develops and provides value added textile, hygiene and safety solutions.
The building is used for the storage and distribution of textile products.

Sale of Unit 2 14/03/2016

Unit 2 was sold to an investor and is occupied by the company Chirana T. Injecta

Chirana T. Injecta is a well known producer and distributor of medical equipment. The building is used for storage purposes.

Sale of 2 additional units 08/09/2015

Cambridge Weight Plan, operational in units 18 and 19, decided to additionally expand to units 16 and 17, and this in view of their continued growth.

Sale of 3 units 30/06/2015

Sale of 3 units

Units 18, 19 & 20 were sold, they will accomodate INTERFLON and Cambridge

INTERFLON is active worldwide in reducing maintenance costs and energy use, using lubricants that reduce friction more than ordinary petrochemical lubricants.
Cambridge Weight Plan provides flexible weight management programmes for men and women. Also known as the Cambridge diet, Cambridge offers delicious soups, shakes, bars, vanilla rice pudding and porridge.